Is number 205-561-2454 SPAM?

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Is number 205-561-2454 SPAM?

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SPAMYeah, well, I know where they can shove that sign.Guest *** ***
SPAMCalls my cell phone every weekday evening, i have this number on my block list, but it still shows up on my call logGuest *** ***
SPAMOk this might sound bad but by pressing a number on your keypad you just added yourself to many other lists for sells men.I am sorry you have to hear this now and not before.Guest *** ***
SPAMI got a call yesterday from Tuscaloosa with this number.Guest *** ***
SPAMGot a call today from this same number about an extended warranty on my 2014 Toyota. Told them I wasn't interested but concerned that THEY knew I even had a 2014 Toyota.Guest *** ***
SPAMI got a call and I didn't answer. They left a message and all they said was "local police recommend you protect your home" that's as far as the message got.Guest *** ***
SPAMIf you answer a call from the phone number, 205-561-2454, an automated recording begins with an alarming message by quoting the FBI's Statistics with Percentages of Crime in your area. Then it 'calmly' announces they offer a security system including a sign in your yard for safety in your neighborhood. The recipient is then prompted to "press 1' on the keypad for more information. If you do press '1' the call transfers to a live Representative. If you do not take the call then, but - instead - place a 'call-back' to the number 205-561-2454 you will get a recorded message prompting you to press any number on your keypad if you do not want to receive calls from this number. You will not reach a live Representative so you could tell them not to call you.  And PLEASE BEWARE: If you call back this phone number, DON'T press ANY number on your phone dial pad -- as an FCC Rep told me -- it will only add your phone number to call lists being sold to more scammers & telemarketers and you will get more unknown &Guest *** ***
SPAMi got a call from this annoying number today...Guest *** ***
SPAMReceived call and went to my Vmail and didn't leave a message. I called back and it asked me to push any digit to be removed from list but never said who it was. Must be a telemarketer.Guest *** ***
SPAMI just got the same message,,pressed a digit and call ended. No clue who it was.Guest *** ***
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