Is number 305-517-7286 SPAM?

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Is number 305-517-7286 SPAM?

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SPAMThey call several times a week! Leave no message! I'm in do not call listGuest *** ***
SPAMCalled on 4/2 at 3:45pm. Caller ID said Marathon, FL.Guest *** ***
SPAMcaller ID list # from Marathon, FL no message left.Guest *** ***
SPAMCalled on 4/1/15 at 5:12pm. No msg left.Guest *** ***
SPAMThese fools have called 3 times in the past 24 hours. Since I don't answer calls from unknown callers and they never leave a message I don't know what their scam is, but I do know that they are a nuisance.Guest *** ***
SPAMOptimum and my last is getting longer by the daysGuest *** ***
SPAMJust called, caller ID said Marathon FL. I let machine pick up & no message was left. I have an unlisted number & am on do not call list, thank goodness for caller ID for these annoying calls...ANNOYING!Guest *** ***
SPAMYou can buy a device to add phone numbers to block and the calls will not come through, or if you have Verizon, for example, you can go online and add numbers under your account to be blocked. They only give you 10 numbers, however.Guest *** ***
SPAMI have been getting calls from this number the last couple of days,when I pick-up they hang-up, I hit redial on my phone and get a recording sorry your call can not go through,what a scamGuest *** ***
SPAMYou can block up to 25 numbers on Comcast. On my cell, I just mark them as Spam and thet is what shows up next tyime they call.Guest *** ***
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