Is number 310-206-8481 SPAM?

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Is number 310-206-8481 SPAM?

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SPAMI, too received a missed call from this number (310-206-8481), as well as from another also originating from UCLA (310-794-2772). As a graduate, I am obviously on their calling list, and have taken similar calls in the past.Guest *** ***
SPAMNow they are calling me at 9pm after a week of calling around seven! I get up at 4 in the morning. Any later and my sleep will be affected. I guess I'll have to start silencing my phone. Do these calls ever stop? Just rude!Guest *** ***
SPAMThe caller ID says "Go Bruins" so I'm almost sure this is some UCLA phone number asking for donations.....Guest *** ***
SPAMyep, UCLA donor call. I get calls about 3x weekly from this # around 6:30 ET...Guest *** ***
SPAMMakes sense, they never leave a message and call in the middle of the day.  It's a UCLA caller asking for donations. Guest *** ***
SPAMthe last time a kid from UCLA called to ask me for donations, I made her cry by telling her about how hard the job market was. I also demanded to be removed from any and all call lists- so much for respecting your alums, UCLA. Guest *** ***
SPAMYes. It's UCLA. Although with me they asked how i had been doing first.  A nice segue to the following question they didn't get to ask (I see now from reading your posts). Good thing I was busy. Not to fret UCLA, If I become even mildly successful I'll give back to you.Guest *** ***
SPAMKeep on calling my cell number. No messages ever. Call at all hours.Guest *** ***
SPAMThey call when I'm at work (swing shift),  they call on the weekends (around six to seven PM), they never leave messages, and have ensured that in addition to having paid for a lifetime alumni membership, I'm still seen solely as a means for them to gain funds (that $50,000 you got for my education should have sufficed - as a lowly professor I don't hey paid enough to give you any more - now let me enjoy my freedom or leave a fricken message!! Which much like you're calls will go unanswered) . Guest *** ***
SPAMPlease do not use this phone number for marketing calls.Guest *** ***
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