Is number 347-429-9147 SPAM?

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Is number 347-429-9147 SPAM?

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SPAMThey have many complaints filed through the better business bureau. They are operating out of New York, Tennessee, Florida, Indiana, etc. They have tel-marketing companies working for them. They are very American.Guest *** ***
SPAMI JUST had the exact same thing happen to me! When I told the lady I knew nothing about it and that it was theft as well as fraud they were committing she starts going into a sales pitch! "Sir, many people have become valuable customers as a result of a situation just like yours"! I told her that it was not good to steal from certain people, because some people will come to Cordova, TN. and shoot half the people in the building. I told her I wasn't interested in anything they had to offer and I was getting Pis..d! I said, "I want all my money back, including the $2.95" She agreed that it would all be charged back to my card. I'm still not satisfied, I don't steal and I don't like people stealing from me!   If you would like some assistance I will help you, I understand how violated you probably feel.Guest *** ***
SPAMThey called me I didn't answer, couldn't find anything on this number either....Guest *** ***
SPAMI called the number back and asked to speak to the supervisor. The person still wanted to continue our call and get my information before letting me talk to the supervisor. I refused and kept insisting on talking to the supervisor. She asked why but you don't have to tell them why just say its a matter for the supervisor and not them. Eventually spoke to the supervisor "Chris" and told him off in a nice way and said if they don't stop calling I will report them.Guest *** ***
SPAMYou really shouldn't call them back.  That's a way to get your cell number on their ID.Guest *** ***
SPAMThey're texting meGuest *** ***
SPAMI just received my bank statement ansd there was a $60 charge  there that idint know anyhting about so i called the 80o number on the statement and was told that it was a charge from savingsgalore and i was told that in june i was also charged a $2.95 chg in june which i checked my statemnt and theywere right but ievidently did not pay to much attention to it then since it was a  small amount and i figured it wsa service charge but now that i have my july statement and i saw that $60 was charged to my account then i questioned it but iwas told tha ti did give them my debit card number but i didnt so now ihave to argue with them to get this amt put back to my acctGuest *** ***
SPAMThese are criminal scammers with spoofed caller I d. They want to take your credit card on a spending spree. More then likely not in this country.Guest *** ***
SPAMJust got a call from the same number. No message left.Guest *** ***
SPAMCalled, didn't answer. Left no messageGuest *** ***
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