Is number 561-923-8400 SPAM?

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Is number 561-923-8400 SPAM?

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SPAMJust received a call from this number asking for Adam. I've had this number a year and know no Adam. Man replied sorry and hung up. I know not to pick up on this number again now.Guest *** ***
SPAMCalled out of nowhere and didn't answer after picking upGuest *** ***
SPAMthis person keeps calling will not leave msg eitherGuest *** ***
SPAMPersistent sons of a gun. Five times today.Guest *** ***
SPAMThey are on the phone again. Answering machine picked up and they hung up.Guest *** ***
SPAM Calling me to many times and messing up my phone I wish it to stop immediately and premently Guest *** ***
SPAM Regular calls but no one ever says anything and then they hang up. Guest *** ***
SPAMThese people continue to call me. They harass me and the woman actually cussed me out and called me 3 more times that day. I only asked her to please quit calling me.Guest *** ***
SPAM A female called and asked for my husband. I said this is his wife she said oh and hung up. Called back no answer. We know no one in the state and owe no outstanding debts. Guest *** ***
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