Is number 630-491-2337 SPAM?

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Is number 630-491-2337 SPAM?

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SPAMDon't know, just hangs up, no message, no answer when answering phone.Guest *** ***
SPAMGot a call last evening from 1-630-491-2337, they didn't leave a message...just hung up... Guest *** ***
SPAMI've been getting a LOT of calls lately from spammers, including this one.  No message. Just keep on calling...Guest *** ***
SPAMSpam.Guest *** ***
SPAMReceived numerous calls this week from this number and several others, twice a day since Monday evening: 630 491 2337.Guest *** ***
SPAMGetting a lot ofcalls from different numbers this week too. Most ofthem from Family Feature Videos. They are very aggressive and do not respect the Do Not Call listGuest *** ***
SPAMI imagine it IS Feature Films for Families, they have numbers from almost every state now.Guest *** ***
SPAMI have 30 numbers for these guys now... I bought films from them when my boy was small, and they try to contact me every few years to buy more.  Very deceptive marketing, I refuse to do business with them although the movies are actually not too bad. Anyway, I have them on my cell with a silent ringtone, so if they call I never hear it.  I've got them blocked, but each time you add another number to the contact, the new number uses your default, so remember to reset to silence else they'll annoy you again.  They call a few times on the same number, then switch to the next one inline.  Seems like they get a  new set each year, so you never really know.  I don't answer numbers that are not in my contacts list, so its a matter of a quick lookup to find these again.  When I get a bunch of new ones several days running, I know it's them.Guest *** ***
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