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CA,(US) - (424) Area Code Interchange Information: (Click on Link for details)

424-200 (SANTA ANA)424-201 (LOS ANGELES)424-202 (FULLERTON)
424-203 (LOS ANGELES)424-204 (LONG BEACH)424-205 (LOS ANGELES)
424-206 (LOS ANGELES)424-207 (IRVINE)424-208 (LOS ANGELES)
424-209 (LOS ANGELES)424-210 (IRVINE)424-212 (IRVINE)
424-213 (IRVINE)424-214 (LOS ANGELES)424-215 (IRVINE)
424-216 (SAN PEDRO)424-217 (IRVINE)424-218 (LOS ANGELES)
424-219 (IRVINE)424-220 (LOS ANGELES)424-221 (SANTA FE SPRINGS)
424-222 (ANAHEIM)424-223 (ANAHEIM)424-224 (SANTA FE SPRINGS)
424-225 (GARDENA)424-226 (LOS ANGELES)424-227 (SANTA ANA)
424-228 (ANAHEIM)424-229 (ANAHEIM)424-230 (LOS ANGELES)
424-231 (LOS ANGELES)424-232 (IRVINE)424-233 (LOS ANGELES)
424-234 (SANTA ANA)424-235 (BURBANK)424-236 (IRVINE)
424-237 (ANAHEIM)424-238 (LOS ANGELES)424-239 (GARDENA)
424-240 (ANAHEIM)424-241 (IRVINE)424-242 (LOS ANGELES)
424-243 (LOS ANGELES)424-244 (LOS ANGELES)424-245 (LONG BEACH)
424-246 (LOS ANGELES)424-247 (LONG BEACH)424-248 (SAN PEDRO)
424-249 (IRVINE)424-250 (GARDENA)424-251 (ANAHEIM)
424-252 (LOS ANGELES)424-253 (LONG BEACH)424-254 (LONG BEACH)
424-255 (SANTA ANA)424-256 (IRVINE)424-257 (LONG BEACH)
424-258 (FULLERTON)424-259 (FULLERTON)424-260 (LOS ANGELES)
424-261 (LOS ANGELES)424-262 (LOS ANGELES)424-263 (ANAHEIM)
424-264 (LOS ANGELES)424-265 (LOS ANGELES)424-266 (IRVINE)
424-267 (SANTA ANA)424-268 (FULLERTON)424-269 (LOS ANGELES)
424-270 (LOS ANGELES)424-271 (LOS ANGELES)424-288 (LOS ANGELES)
424-292 (SANTA MONICA)424-294 (ANAHEIM)424-297 (EL SEGUNDO)
424-298 (MIRA LOMA)424-322 (EL SEGUNDO)424-333 (LOS ANGELES)
424-334 (EL SEGUNDO)424-354 (LOS ANGELES)424-363 (EL SEGUNDO)
424-364 (EL SEGUNDO)424-400 (IRVINE)424-414 (EL SEGUNDO)
424-416 (EL SEGUNDO)424-440 (SEATTLE)424-442 (IRVINE)
424-444 (LOS ANGELES)424-456 (IRVINE)424-477 (MONTEREY PARK)
424-492 (SAN PEDRO)424-520 (LOS ANGELES)424-536 (EL SEGUNDO)
424-543 (LOS ANGELES)424-555 (LOS ANGELES)424-558 (BURBANK)
424-568 (FULLERTON)424-570 (ANAHEIM)424-571 (IRVINE)
424-593 (SAN PEDRO)424-603 (ANAHEIM)424-606 (EL SEGUNDO)
424-607 (EL SEGUNDO)424-615 (EL SEGUNDO)424-616 (EL SEGUNDO)
424-625 (LOS ANGELES)424-634 (ANAHEIM)424-640 (EL SEGUNDO)
424-643 (EL SEGUNDO)424-644 (NORWALK)424-645 (LOS ANGELES)
424-646 (LOS ANGELES)424-647 (EL SEGUNDO)424-648 (EL SEGUNDO)
424-652 (ANAHEIM)424-653 (IRVINE)424-662 (EL SEGUNDO)
424-666 (IRVINE)424-672 (LOS ANGELES)424-675 (BURBANK)
424-683 (BEVERLY HILLS)424-693 (SAN PEDRO)424-702 (LOS ANGELES)
424-703 (SANTA FE SPRINGS)424-704 (LOS ANGELES)424-722 (LOS ANGELES)
424-731 (SANTA ANA)424-738 (AVALON)424-744 (ANAHEIM)
424-750 (ANAHEIM)424-757 (LOS ANGELES)424-772 (ALISO VIEJO)
424-777 (SAN PEDRO)424-781 (AGOURA HILLS)424-785 (LOS ANGELES)
424-789 (LOS ANGELES)424-812 (EL SEGUNDO)424-813 (EL SEGUNDO)
424-814 (EL SEGUNDO)424-832 (SANTA ANA)424-835 (SHERMAN OAKS)
424-853 (GARDENA)424-888 (LOS ANGELES)424-901 (LOS ANGELES)
424-903 (LOS ANGELES)424-999 (IRVINE)
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