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GA,(US) - (762) Area Code Interchange Information: (Click on Link for details)

762-201 (DALTON)762-202 (NORCROSS)762-203 (YOUNG HARRIS)
762-204 (YOUNG HARRIS)762-205 (YOUNG HARRIS)762-206 (AUGUSTA)
762-207 (COLUMBUS)762-208 (COLUMBUS)762-209 (NORCROSS)
762-211 (YOUNG HARRIS)762-215 (AUGUSTA)762-218 (AUGUSTA)
762-229 (YOUNG HARRIS)762-230 (NORCROSS)762-231 (DALTON)
762-232 (ATLANTA)762-233 (AUGUSTA)762-236 (CHATTANOOGA)
762-239 (ATLANTA)762-241 (COLUMBUS)762-243 (GREENSBORO)
762-245 (AUGUSTA)762-255 (ATLANTA)762-256 (YOUNG HARRIS)
762-311 (YOUNG HARRIS)762-323 (FORSYTH)762-333 (AUGUSTA)
762-334 (YOUNG HARRIS)762-338 (ROYSTON)762-340 (YOUNG HARRIS)
762-345 (YOUNG HARRIS)762-354 (AUGUSTA)762-359 (DECATUR)
762-383 (AUGUSTA)762-398 (YOUNG HARRIS)762-404 (YOUNG HARRIS)
762-411 (YOUNG HARRIS)762-423 (YOUNG HARRIS)762-435 (ATHENS)
762-436 (DALTON)762-440 (YOUNG HARRIS)762-444 (AUGUSTA)
762-448 (YOUNG HARRIS)762-470 (YOUNG HARRIS)762-478 (YOUNG HARRIS)
762-479 (YOUNG HARRIS)762-500 (YOUNG HARRIS)762-511 (YOUNG HARRIS)
762-524 (COLUMBUS)762-555 (COLUMBUS)762-606 (YOUNG HARRIS)
762-611 (YOUNG HARRIS)762-666 (YOUNG HARRIS)762-678 (YOUNG HARRIS)
762-700 (AUGUSTA)762-704 (YOUNG HARRIS)762-706 (YOUNG HARRIS)
762-711 (YOUNG HARRIS)762-720 (YOUNG HARRIS)762-728 (ATHENS)
762-735 (YOUNG HARRIS)762-746 (YOUNG HARRIS)762-762 (YOUNG HARRIS)
762-770 (YOUNG HARRIS)762-803 (YOUNG HARRIS)762-811 (YOUNG HARRIS)
762-821 (COLUMBUS)762-822 (COLUMBUS)762-828 (YOUNG HARRIS)
762-911 (YOUNG HARRIS)762-912 (YOUNG HARRIS)762-930 (YOUNG HARRIS)
762-931 (YOUNG HARRIS)762-934 (YOUNG HARRIS)762-950 (YOUNG HARRIS)
762-958 (YOUNG HARRIS)762-959 (YOUNG HARRIS)762-976 (YOUNG HARRIS)
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