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KS,(US) - (913) Area Code Interchange Information: (Click on Link for details)

913-204 (MC LOUTH)913-205 (KANSAS CITY)913-206 (KANSAS CITY)
913-212 (LOUISBURG)913-217 (OVERLAND PARK)913-219 (LENEXA)
913-220 (LENEXA)913-221 (LENEXA)913-226 (LENEXA)
913-227 (LENEXA)913-231 (KANSAS CITY)913-232 (KANSAS CITY)
913-233 (KANSAS CITY)913-234 (OVERLAND)913-236 (KANSAS CITY)
913-238 (OVERLAND PARK)913-239 (STANLEY)913-240 (LEAVENWORTH)
913-244 (KANSAS CITY)913-248 (KANSAS CITY)913-250 (LEAVENWORTH)
913-253 (OVERLAND)913-254 (OLATHE)913-255 (LANCASTER)
913-256 (OSAWATOMIE)913-259 (PAOLA)913-261 (KANSAS CITY)
913-262 (KANSAS CITY)913-266 (OVERLAND)913-268 (KANSAS CITY)
913-269 (LENEXA)913-271 (KANSAS CITY)913-273 (KANSAS CITY)
913-278 (HARDY)913-279 (KANSAS CITY)913-281 (KANSAS CITY)
913-284 (LENEXA)913-285 (PAOLA)913-287 (KANSAS CITY)
913-288 (KANSAS CITY)913-289 (TOPEKA)913-290 (LEAVENWORTH)
913-294 (PAOLA)913-297 (LEAVENWORTH)913-299 (KANSAS CITY)
913-301 (LINWOOD)913-302 (KANSAS CITY)913-306 (LEAVENWORTH)
913-307 (LENEXA)913-310 (LENEXA)913-312 (KANSAS CITY)
913-314 (OVERLAND PARK)913-315 (OVERLAND)913-317 (OVERLAND)
913-319 (OVERLAND)913-321 (KANSAS CITY)913-322 (LENEXA)
913-323 (OVERLAND)913-324 (OLATHE)913-326 (CHESTER)
913-327 (OVERLAND)913-328 (KANSAS CITY)913-334 (KANSAS CITY)
913-338 (OVERLAND)913-339 (OVERLAND)913-341 (OVERLAND PARK)
913-342 (KANSAS CITY)913-344 (OVERLAND)913-345 (OVERLAND)
913-351 (LANSING)913-352 (PLEASANTON)913-353 (SAINT LOUIS)
913-360 (ATCHISON)913-362 (KANSAS CITY)913-364 (LEAVENWORTH)
913-365 (WATHENA)913-366 (EVEREST)913-367 (ATCHISON)
913-369 (TONGANOXIE)913-370 (ATCHISON)913-371 (KANSAS CITY)
913-375 (KANSAS CITY)913-376 (LOUISBURG)913-377 (LOUISBURG)
913-378 (LENEXA)913-380 (WATHENA)913-381 (OVERLAND PARK)
913-387 (LENEXA)913-390 (OLATHE)913-393 (OLATHE)
913-396 (OVERLAND PARK)913-397 (OLATHE)913-400 (KANSAS CITY)
913-402 (STANLEY)913-403 (KANSAS CITY)913-406 (KANSAS CITY)
913-409 (KANSAS CITY)913-410 (OVERLAND PARK)913-416 (TONGANOXIE)
913-417 (TONGANOXIE)913-422 (SHAWNEE)913-424 (KANSAS CITY)
913-426 (ATCHISON)913-428 (KANSAS CITY)913-432 (KANSAS CITY)
913-433 (OVERLAND)913-438 (LENEXA)913-439 (KANSAS CITY)
913-440 (OLATHE)913-441 (SHAWNEE)913-443 (MC LOUTH)
913-449 (KANSAS CITY)913-451 (OVERLAND)913-458 (OVERLAND)
913-461 (LENEXA)913-465 (LENEXA)913-469 (OVERLAND)
913-471 (PRESCOTT)913-473 (LENEXA)913-475 (LENEXA)
913-477 (LENEXA)913-481 (LENEXA)913-484 (LENEXA)
913-485 (LENEXA)913-486 (LENEXA)913-487 (LENEXA)
913-488 (LENEXA)913-489 (OLATHE)913-491 (OVERLAND)
913-492 (LENEXA)913-493 (LENEXA)913-495 (LENEXA)
913-498 (OVERLAND)913-499 (KANSAS CITY)913-507 (KANSASCITY)
913-514 (KANSAS CITY)913-515 (KANSAS CITY)913-522 (KANSAS CITY)
913-523 (OVERLAND)913-526 (OVERLAND PARK)913-529 (KANSAS CITY)
913-530 (KANSAS CITY)913-533 (BUCYRUS)913-534 (KANSAS CITY)
913-535 (SHAWNEE)913-538 (OLATHE)913-541 (LENEXA)
913-543 (SHAWNEE)913-544 (STANLEY)913-547 (LEAVENWORTH)
913-548 (KANSAS CITY)913-549 (STANLEY)913-551 (KANSAS CITY)
913-553 (INDEPENDENCE)913-555 (KANSAS CITY)913-557 (PAOLA)
913-558 (KANSAS CITY)913-562 (OVERLAND PARK)913-563 (KANSAS CITY)
913-564 (LENEXA)913-565 (LEAVENWORTH)913-567 (OVERLAND PARK)
913-568 (LENEXA)913-569 (PRESCOTT)913-571 (KANSAS CITY)
913-573 (KANSAS CITY)913-574 (KANSAS CITY)913-575 (LENEXA)
913-576 (KANSAS CITY)913-577 (LENEXA)913-578 (LEAVENWORTH)
913-579 (LENEXA)913-583 (DE SOTO)913-585 (DE SOTO)
913-586 (DE SOTO)913-588 (LENEXA)913-592 (SPRING HILL)
913-593 (OVERLAND PARK)913-594 (PAOLA)913-595 (LEAVENWORTH)
913-596 (KANSAS CITY)913-599 (LENEXA)913-601 (LENEXA)
913-602 (LENEXA)913-603 (BUHLER)913-605 (GARDNER)
913-608 (LENEXA)913-609 (LENEXA)913-610 (KANSAS CITY)
913-613 (KANSAS CITY)913-614 (KANSAS CITY)913-615 (OLATHE)
913-617 (KANSAS CITY)913-620 (KANSAS CITY)913-621 (KANSAS CITY)
913-624 (KANSAS CITY)913-626 (KANSAS CITY)913-627 (KANSAS CITY)
913-631 (KANSAS CITY)913-632 (STANLEY)913-633 (LENEXA)
913-634 (KANSAS CITY)913-636 (KANSAS CITY)913-638 (LENEXA)
913-639 (KANSAS CITY)913-641 (KANSAS CITY)913-642 (OVERLAND PARK)
913-643 (OVERLAND PARK)913-644 (KANSAS CITY)913-645 (KANSAS CITY)
913-646 (KANSAS CITY)913-647 (LENEXA)913-648 (OVERLAND PARK)
913-653 (LENEXA)913-656 (KANSAS CITY)913-660 (KANSAS CITY)
913-661 (OVERLAND)913-662 (BASEHOR)913-663 (OVERLAND)
913-664 (OVERLAND PARK)913-667 (SHAWNEE)913-669 (KANSAS CITY)
913-671 (KANSAS CITY)913-674 (ATCHISON)913-675 (LEAVENWORTH)
913-676 (KANSAS CITY)913-677 (KANSAS CITY)913-680 (LEAVENWORTH)
913-681 (STANLEY)913-682 (LEAVENWORTH)913-683 (LEAVENWORTH)
913-684 (LEAVENWORTH)913-685 (STANLEY)913-686 (SPRING HILL)
913-687 (LENEXA)913-688 (KANSAS CITY)913-689 (MISSION)
913-693 (KANSAS CITY)913-694 (KANSAS CITY)913-695 (OLATHE)
913-696 (OVERLAND)913-702 (LEAVENWORTH)913-704 (LEAVENWORTH)
913-705 (LEAVENWORTH)913-706 (LENEXA)913-707 (LENEXA)
913-708 (OVERLAND PARK)913-709 (KANSAS CITY)913-710 (KANSAS CITY)
913-712 (OLATHE)913-713 (KANSAS CITY)913-715 (OLATHE)
913-721 (BASEHOR)913-722 (KANSAS CITY)913-723 (LINWOOD)
913-724 (BASEHOR)913-725 (KANSAS CITY)913-727 (LEAVENWORTH)
913-728 (BASEHOR)913-730 (KANSAS CITY)913-731 (OSAWATOMIE)
913-732 (KANSAS CITY)913-735 (LENEXA)913-738 (KANSAS CITY)
913-742 (KANSAS CITY)913-744 (LENEXA)913-745 (LENEXA)
913-747 (LENEXA)913-748 (KANSAS CITY)913-749 (OVERLAND PARK)
913-752 (LENEXA)913-754 (LENEXA)913-755 (OSAWATOMIE)
913-756 (BLUE MOUND)913-757 (FONTANA)913-758 (LEAVENWORTH)
913-762 (OVERLAND)913-764 (OLATHE)913-766 (KANSAS CITY)
913-768 (OLATHE)913-772 (LEAVENWORTH)913-773 (EASTON)
913-774 (WINCHESTER)913-775 (LEAVENWORTH)913-780 (OLATHE)
913-782 (OLATHE)913-783 (PAOLA)913-785 (WATERVILLE)
913-787 (KANSAS CITY)913-788 (KANSAS CITY)913-789 (KANSAS CITY)
913-791 (OLATHE)913-793 (SCRANTON)913-794 (OVERLAND)
913-795 (MOUND CITY)913-796 (MC LOUTH)913-800 (LENEXA)
913-814 (STANLEY)913-815 (OLATHE)913-825 (STANLEY)
913-826 (LENEXA)913-827 (LENEXA)913-828 (LEAVENWORTH)
913-829 (OLATHE)913-831 (KANSAS CITY)913-832 (KANSAS CITY)
913-833 (EFFINGHAM)913-837 (LOUISBURG)913-839 (OLATHE)
913-845 (TONGANOXIE)913-849 (FONTANA)913-850 (LENEXA)
913-851 (STANLEY)913-856 (GARDNER)913-857 (HOME)
913-859 (LENEXA)913-871 (OVERLAND PARK)913-874 (LANCASTER)
913-878 (RANTOUL)913-879 (BUCYRUS)913-882 (EDGERTON)
913-884 (GARDNER)913-886 (NORTONVILLE)913-888 (LENEXA)
913-890 (LENEXA)913-893 (EDGERTON)913-894 (LENEXA)
913-895 (LENEXA)913-897 (STANLEY)913-898 (PARKER)
913-906 (OVERLAND)913-907 (KANSAS CITY)913-908 (LENEXA)
913-909 (KANSAS CITY)913-912 (MISSION)913-915 (OVERLAND PARK)
913-917 (LENEXA)913-927 (OVERLAND PARK)913-928 (LENEXA)
913-933 (BASEHOR)913-934 (ENTERPRISE)913-937 (PAOLA)
913-938 (GARDNER)913-940 (OVERLAND PARK)913-944 (KANSAS CITY)
913-945 (LENEXA)913-946 (LEAVENWORTH)913-947 (COLONY)
913-948 (LENEXA)913-951 (LENEXA)913-952 (LENEXA)
913-953 (LENEXA)913-954 (MISSION)913-955 (BONNER SPRINGS)
913-956 (LENEXA)913-957 (LENEXA)913-961 (KANSAS CITY)
913-962 (KANSAS CITY)913-963 (KANSAS CITY)913-964 (CENTERVILLE)
913-967 (OVERLAND PARK)913-971 (OLATHE)913-972 (KANSAS CITY)
913-975 (KANSAS CITY)913-978 (KANSAS CITY)913-980 (KANSAS CITY)
913-981 (KANSAS CITY)913-982 (KANSAS CITY)913-991 (INDEPENDENCE)
913-993 (LENEXA)913-998 (LENEXA)913-999 (LENEXA)
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