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50 latest Comments:
NumberGrade   Comment   
604-276-0269SPAMSpam caller, calling several times per day, never saying anything, calling as late as 11:00PM Web Guest

720-251-4467SPAMConstant calls, no VM Web Guest

330-294-2990SPAMCalled me 3 times so far, first time i didnt answer, other 2 times i answered and was greeted with no response followed by the line ending Web Guest


519-874-1301SPAMvisa fraud asking for 600 fraud payment buy western union Web Guest

720-251-2984NOT SpamWells Fargo Collection Services They are debt collectors  Web Guest

401-203-5026SPAMESCORT SERVICE Web Guest

651-395-7546Unsure6513957504 Web Guest

215-643-1582NOT SpamEnterprise RentACar Web Guest

605-350-5261SPAMcredit card scammer, asking about visa/master card which i don't have Web Guest

720-358-3867SPAMSeems to be a daily robo call from this number. Web Guest

505-796-8019SPAMInterruptive, offensive fraudulent call near 10 a.m. on a holiday. I answered without looking at caller i.d. because a friend and I had prearranged a time to talk. It was young woman with a pleasant voice who hesitantly asked for me by name, without identifying herself, and said it was a recorded call. I should have hung up immediately - but I said "do I know you, why are you calling, why are you recording the call" then I hung up realizing it was probably a scam to record my voice for purposes of fraud or identity theft. If it was a bona fide call the person would have called back and left a message. Fraudulent scam call. Blocked the number. Albuquerque NM area code. Web Guest

919-336-0097SPAMprank calling more than 20+ times / day Web Guest

805-264-8278SPAMCredit card spam Web Guest

804-677-6784SPAMReceived robo call 2017/03/30 12:30pm Web Guest

775-476-6117Unsureso...need reading Web Guest

440-658-3424SPAMCalled about auto care on a car I no longer own, hung up quickly after I stated car was no longer mine. Web Guest

914-678-1299SPAMFake computer support number. Hang up Web Guest

401-744-5555NOT SpamI know the person who has this number Web Guest

505-819-3184SPAMBasic wage $250 per weekly. Looking for a PA Personal assistant to work for me while am away on my work. This position is home base office work you can be in any location and work with me from your home. Let me know your interest if you are ready to work with me from your home then i tell you more about your job. Reply back or text me on 5058193184 thanks. Web Guest

540-058-6258SPAMCalled and noone there when I answered, but some whirs and clicks and such... bogus exchange, I think. Are they testing numbers? Web Guest

513-618-0244SPAMLeft no message but when I called back 513-618-0244 they answered "hello thank you for calling Mercy Health business office. Your call will be transferred and may be recorded." Sounds like a healthcare bill from the hospital. Web Guest

909-374-6852SPAMHa ha! Well put, BigA! Web Guest

404-476-4494SPAMRobo caller asking for Becky. I said "you have wrong number." Then she said "oh, well maybe you can help me......" I hung up. Web Guest

914-331-7229SPAMRang once on my cell, no message left. ID said New York. Once I see it listed on this site I know it's another scam. Thanks to all the posters who take the time to list it here. Web Guest

408-418-0249SPAMSCAM, BLOCKED! Web Guest

512-757-8161SPAMThat's great!!! How did you find the info? Web Guest

239-217-9343SPAMMedicare scammer. Don't waste your time reporting this to the MO "do not call list." The clinton-.supported AG Koster is too busy running on the democrat ticket for gov. Koster as AG never did anything to thwart these unwanted and illegal calls anyway! Politicians make me want to vomit. Web Guest

210-714-3599SPAMStill trying to figure out why anyone would call these yahoos back when it's pretty obvious it's are some type of scam. But I read about people doing it all the time. I must be missing something. Web Guest

480-553-9053SPAM"Free" Disney vacation robocall. Tries to collect your debit card #. Scammers. Block this number. Web Guest

281-310-0923SPAMCalled once and no one was there when I answered. They called again and it went to voicemail and didn't leave a message. Another scam. Web Guest

530-392-9040SPAMHave gotten many calls from this number - in fact so many I recognize it and never will answer - never leaves a message. Give up already fools. Web Guest

800-781-2034SPAMSame general message, different name: Diane McCloud looking to save me money on electric. Call back with electric bill in hand, reference # E000189 Web Guest

702-829-2349SPAMAnswered my phone and no reply. They didn't talk at all. Web Guest

801-652-0079SPAMSame, scammer with Indian accent saying I won a vacation and was picked from a survey I filled out at the mall a couple months ago. Web Guest

253-597-9123SPAMLike most other state phone calls nothing but a scam Web Guest

855-829-4144SPAMI just had this number call about collecting the debts from me and the woman was very angry not professional at all and had all my information what should I do Web Guest

703-672-7875SPAMCaller ID showed a local number and "Cust Srvc" so I slipped and accidentally answered. It was somebody who represented himself as being with the "Tea Party Majority". I told him it was dishonest to hide their identity with a fake caller ID and hung up. Web Guest

303-731-4252SPAMI'd sure like to punch these people out, or at least make them some "special punch." Web Guest

213-289-3799SPAMCaller from 213-289-3799 left no message or voicemail a few minutes ago. Web Guest

206-900-9443SPAMScam caller Web Guest

706-493-1836SPAMMultiple phone calls before I could answer. Finally answered and they provided information about a vehicle I used to drive. Upon telling them I am driving a different vehicle, the person started asking for personal identification information. Caution! Web Guest

202-000-1111SPAMGot call. Don't know who it is. Didn't answer. Web Guest

888-852-1436SPAMDebt collection asking for money Web Guest

877-936-1170SPAMJust keep calling. Don't leave a message. I tried to call it back and nothing happens Web Guest

571-758-2555SPAMCRIMINALS flaunting DNC laws, fake charity firms interested in defrauding the public for their own financial gain. bottom feeding scum... reported to FTC for investigation and prosecution Web Guest

802-265-0571SPAMKeeps calling, won't leave a message, threatens to serve me a summons Web Guest

855-217-0527SPAMSame thing happened to me. Didn't answer they left a voice mail. Couldn't understand the name of person they were looking for. Sounded pretty recorded and the guys voice sounded disguised by some device. Web Guest

803-908-4512SPAMlegit, QUILL.com company, use them for supplies Web Guest

650-736-5050SPAMI was asked to verify my birthday date Web Guest