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Who called?

Are you getting Phone calls or Text messages from numbers you don't know?

National Database helps you find out who has the number.


Who called, Really?

Today there are so many spam calls, so one is reluctant to call back just to find someone wanting to sell you something, and won't take no for an answer.


But what if?

  • What if it was a hospital, calling you becuase your significant other had an accident?
  • What if it was that company you applied for a job with, wanting you to come on an interview?
  • What if it was a long lost love, who had managed to locate your phone number. (Perhaps via our services!)
  • What if it was an attorney, wanting to tell you an unknown uncle had passed away, leaving you several million dollars?


The possible reasons for someone, even with an unknown number, to make a legitimate phone call to you are many. Find out who it was, via the Number DataBase at NDB.com, to both avoid walking into a sales trap, and not miss out on what's important!



Most searched numbers:
  1. 809-726-2376
  2. 829-441-6106
  3. 809-373-0617
  4. 809-851-9996
  5. 631-374-8606

(Most Searched numbers last 24 hours)



Phone Number Lookup

Discover Who Keeps Calling with a People Search by Phone

A reverse phone number search, or people search by phone, allows you to determine the origin of the unknown calls you may be receiving. Many times, individuals may try to call you but fail to leave a message, possibly repeatedly, and the best way to put your mind at ease is to quickly determine who owns the number you are receiving these calls from.

How Does a People Search by Phone Number Work?

With the advent of the Internet, it is now possible to instantly scan public and private phone number databases to provide information about an unknown phone number. Regardless of where it originates from, many of these records are created when a new account is opened and maintained by the corresponding phone company. When your caller ID shows an unknown 10-digit number, you can easily input it and review any results linked to that number.

Using People Search by Phone Results

Your reverse phone number search will include the names of the individual or individuals registered to that number, regardless of whether it is a cell phone or landline. You'll also learn the time zone and location of the number, offering a clue as to how they may know you. If you don't know the person, you can choose whether to contact him or her and request they not call you any longer, or determine why it is they are trying to find you.

How Are Phone Number Records Created?

When a person initiates a new landline account and service with a phone company, the assigned phone number is registered to public directories in print and online with the owner's first and last name. Other information such as age, gender and number of persons living in their household or a joint account holder's name can also be discovered using these records.

There is not a standardized directory for cell phone numbers, but owners can voluntarily participate in directories that also list their names, addresses and phone numbers. Even if the information is limited, you should be able to determine whether the number calling you is a cell phone number or landline number.

Furthermore, many business owners will establish dedicated cell numbers or landlines. Perhaps your reverse phone number search will simply indicate that a business is trying to solicit you or has mistaken you for another individual. These businesses frequently list their numbers on their websites, professional networks and other directories online, which can all be searched simultaneously with a people search by phone.

Today's practice of socializing online allows for additional information to be gleaned during a reverse phone number search, as social networks often provide phone numbers on the owner's profile page.

Now you can finally discover whether the unknown phone number calling you is something to be avoided or perhaps a long-lost acquaintance trying to reach you. Conducting a reverse phone search is a great way to learn about anyone who is trying to reach you, giving the power to decide whether you want to have contact with them.